The château's gardens, designed by André Le Nôtre and others, are home to no fewer than 2,000 fountains and basins. Not all are active today, however. But they weren't active during the reign of the Sun King either! Indeed, for simple logistical reasons, it wasn't really possible to have all the fountains lit at the same time. Their presence is a technical feat in itself, requiring the ingenuity of a 30 km hydraulic network to supply the entire park with water.

The Grandes Eaux de Versailles show designed for Louis XIV

The Grandes Eaux de Versailles show lets you relive a royal promenade, complete with musical ambience. Indeed, the monarch's journey through the gardens was choreographed to perfection. As early as 1666, a precise itinerary was laid down so that the king could enjoy his Versailles paradise in the best possible conditions. As the king and the members of his court were invited to follow him, the fountains were lit up to offer him a unique spectacle.

To enjoy the gardens in the style of Louis XIV, the château organizes the Grandes Eaux de Versailles show from March to late October. The fountains are active for limited periods during the day. Musical immersions are planned: each time the fountains are turned on, baroque music is played in the gardens, so you can enjoy the show as if you were part of the king's court.

The Bassin du Miroir and the Bassin de Neptune feature special animations. A hydraulic choreography of pressure and direction creates graphic patterns. The exact dates change each year, so please ask for details.

What ticket do I need to get access?

Access is subject to a charge depending on the tour chosen.

Please note that only your ticket which includes a guided tour without transport and access to the gardens and trianons, includes the Grandes Eaux show in summer.
Find out more about the schedule.
In addition, be aware that bad weather may restrict the shows, as in the case of strong winds, to avoid any accidents.

May 21, 2024

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